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3D Printed Metal Parts in Ti64


Titanium 3D Printing Overview
3D Systems ProX 320

Additive manufacturing is a process used to create metal parts with complex geometries that are difficult to cnc machine. The ProX 320 is the newest direct metal printer from 3D Systems. It builds titanium parts in 30 or 60 micron layers by melting fine metal powder with a laser beam.

Advantages of additive manufacturing include the ability to build extremely complex geometries from CAD data including free form surfaces, deep groves, and cooling channels within injection molding tooling. Additive manufacturing also reduces turnaround time and many parts can be delivered in under a week.

When building titanium parts the system operates in an argon atmosphere which results in excellent mechanical properties, high detail resolution, and exceptional surface quality.

Additive manufacturing is ideal for a variety of industries including:

  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing

Video overview of the metal addditive manufacturing services offered at GPI Prototype. Learn how DMLS builds functional metal prototypes in a variety of metals. This additive manufacturing technology is also used for short run production of metal parts including titanium.

3D Systems ProX 320

Direct Metal Titanium Printing
ProX 320 Direct Metal Printer - Front
ProX 320 Direct Metal Printer - Side

ProX 320 Build Volume:
10.82" x 10.82" x 16.53"

Minimum Feature Size:
0.015" (.38mm)

Minimum Wall Thickness:
Approx 0.3mm-0.4mm or .012-.016

Layer Thickness:
30 or 60 microns for titanium parts

Typical Tolerances:
.005" on 1st inch, .002" thereafter

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